Peel Road Safety Petition

Thorntonhall Resident Mark Aitken has raised a petition to improve road safety measures on Peel Road. The petition is at

Just click on Mark’s petition (Peel Road, Thorntonhall – Safety Measures) and then click on the “Sign Petition” button. It is important that Mark gets as many signatures as possible by December 30th and, at a minimum, he needs 50. The only criteria for signing are that you live in South Lanarkshire and are affected by the issue that the petition addresses. Please take two minutes to support Mark and ask other adult members of your own household and your friends to do so too.

Taylor Wimpey Application at Jackton

Taylor Wimpey have submitted an application for planning permission on a site within the Community Growth Area at Jackton. The Community Council has submitted a representation which points out some shortcomings. The representation can be found here:

Victory for Community Council – Peel Road Site Blocked

The report of the examination of the proposed South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan, which includes the reporters’ recommendations  is now available.

The good news is that the Peel Road site has been deleted (see page 143 of the Report and page 511 for the detail – conclusions will help in fighting other development proposals in Thorntonhall); the bad that our contention that part of the EK CGA in Jackton should be deleted has not been accepted (see page 144).

All other sites around Jackton & Thorntonhall that had been proposed by developers but not supported by the Council have also been turned down.

Be aware that there could be appeals by developers against the conclusions of the Report.

A link to the full Report of the Examination can be found on the South Lanarkshire Council webpage:

Sewage on Peel Road!

The community council was asked to assist in resolving the problem of raw sewage seeping onto the road from the verge at 42 Peel Road Thorntonhall.

The matter is under investigation by Divisional Environmental Services, South Lanarkshire Council. The Council recognise there is a public health risk and are continuing to take formal steps to try to bring about the appropriate resolution by those responsible for any repairs needed.

They are requesting that the community stay away physically from any sewage present on the street. Should you be unfortunate to accidentally step in the sewage, ensure that affected materials are cleaned and or disinfected.

As not every resident of Thorntonhall is on our circulation list and visitors to the area will be unaware of the hazard, JTCC have suggested that the Council provides signage and, possibly, temporary barriers to discourage access to the area in question pending completion of repairs.

Peel Road Planning Application (P/20/0502)

Robertson Homes has applied for permission to develop a site on either side of Peel Road, Thorntonhall. The Community Council considers this application to be premature and has made a representation accordingly Peel_Rd_Rep_Final

If you wish to make your own representation you can do so by emailing quoting the reference P/20/0502.



The Community Council has bought two public access defibrillators one is sited in Thorntonhall close to the entrance to the Station and one in Jackton  on Eaglesham Road at the entrance to the Scottish Power installation on the old Primary School site. We are very grateful to the British Heart Foundation for subsidising the purchase of one of the units and to Scottish Power Energy Networks for providing the sites and installing the cabinets. Please follow this link for location maps and further information Defibrillator Locations_Rev 7a

Beware! Thieves About

We are aware of recent thefts from houses in Jackton & Hairmyres. Please be security conscious and don’t tempt thieves. (23/1/19)

Recent Planning Representations

The Community Council has submitted representations concerning two recent planning applications. One is for a plan to develop part of the so-called East Kilbride Community Growth Area and to take access from Newlands Road. Our representation is here p_18_1629

The second representation concerns plans to convert farm buildings on Hayhill Road into a distillery. Our representation is here p_18_1666

This application has now been granted.

South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan

South Lanarkshire Council has published a proposed Local Development Plan (LDP 2) and the consultation period is now closed. The proposals can be found here: LDP 2

The Community Council has submitted representations regarding the proposed inclusion of a site for 160 houses on the edge of Thorntonhall JTCC_Rep_180823 and the East Kilbride Community Growth Area CGA Rep 180901.

These and other unresolved issues will now be considered by a Scottish Government Reporter.